It’s often said that what happens in the first two years of your marriage predicts your marital success.

Love making is an integral part of every relationship especially for couples who are always caught up in their work.

Having regular sex can strengthen your relationship. However, couples especially the woman should find creative ways to spice up their sex life.

  • On the kitchen table

There are different orgasm guaranteed sex positions you can try at this location. The kitchen table is best the place to have makeup sex.

  • In the hallway

This will be super hot if there is a staircase. Get kinky in the corridor or hot and heavy in the hall. Just watch out for carpet burn!.

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  • In the shower

The shower is a great place to have early morning sex. No lubes needed. A romantic and relaxing bath together makes a great alternative if you prefer a more romantic scene.

  • On top of the washing machine or dryer

For deeper penetration, couples should try this location. Let’s face it, the added vibrations of the washing machine or dryer add an extra bit of excitement too!

  • On the hood of your car

Recreate your favorite movie scene with your partner. Get kinky on the hood of your car.

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  • On a sandy beach

Cuddling at the beach especially at sunrise is very romantic. Lodge at any nearby beach resort and get your adrenaline pumping when nobody's watching.

  • In a hot tub

Sexual healing. Burn some calories while through your favorite sport (sex).

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  •  In a nightclub bathroom

The nightclub is not the classiest place to have sex but you need to do something crazy throughout your lifetime.