Nine commandments for a good marriage without divorce

The number of divorces is frightening. Divorce affects not only the lives of spouses and their children but also the social situation of the country as a whole.

Nine commandments for a good marriage without divorce

It happens for a variety of reasons, from a banal dislike for their partner to, say, the addition of the other half to surfing the Internet, reading this posts there, or playing endless games. Today we will discuss the 9 commandments, the adherence to which will strengthen family life and make the marriage happy.

  • Honor Your Spouse’s Family

It's not uncommon for couples to speak extremely poorly of each other's parents, which slowly but surely damages the relationship. Understand, even if the spouse himself is not on good terms with their relatives, it does not mean that you have the right to speak ill of them. It is highly offensive. Speaking in a bad manner about your partner's close relatives, it's like you are talking bad about him. As the saying goes: "Blood is not water. Try to please your spouse's mother and other close family members.

  • Do Not Nag, but You Will Not Be Nagged

Nice guys and girls before marriage after the registry office can turn into brain-dead monsters. They pick on every word and action of their life partner daily. And you cut your bread the wrong way, and you iron your shirts the wrong way, you chew too loudly, you breathe too often... Don't transfer your dissatisfaction with life to your spouse.

  • Don’t Take All of Your Spouse’s Money

Love is love, but an adult should have financial freedom. Money is one of the most common reasons for divorce. A spouse has the right to set aside some money for his or her own needs. This applies to wives as well as husbands. Found his stash? Put it back where you stashed it and don't spend it. Maybe he's saving it for a gift. Make one joint account for the needs of your family, but do not require that all your earnings are deposited there. Especially if you do not do the same.

  • Don’t Let Yourself Go 

Sometimes it seems like weddings are some kind of cursed ritual. Quite a few people after the wedding turned from slender handsome men and women into walking bobbleheads. Obesity, untidy hair, unkempt clothes. Ask them why they do it, and the answer will be “Why Should I? He's already my husband/wife. I don't have to try anymore." Appearance - no small aspect to maintain passion and love. A stamp in the passport does not give you the right to score yourself.

  • Don’t Be Hand-Holding

In Slavic countries, there is a wild, nasty and fundamentally wrong saying "Beats you, then loves you!" Of course, this is not true. Beating anyone is in principle unacceptable, let alone hitting your spouse. This also includes slaps and slaps in the face.

  • Do Not Take Everything for Granted

Taking a spouse's efforts for granted, we devalue them and hurt our loved ones. Yes, the husband has to carry heavy bags from the store to the house, but what's stopping him from thanking him for it? If the wife cooks and cleans daily, she deserves a basic human "thank you" too!

  • Don’t Cheat

Needless to say, constant trips to the side will one day undermine family life. Even if you have a free marriage and you gave each other the right to cheat in advance (it also happens, all marriages are different), do not abuse your carte blanche. And do not advertise their adultery in front of other people, thereby humiliating the spouse.

  • Do Not Turn Your Children Into Fetters

Disputes over child-rearing can also damage marriages. It is not uncommon to hear men complain that their wives demand 100% financial support for their children. They say he is a man and must provide for his children completely. No, my darlings, he doesn't have to. We have won back equal rights, and equal rights come with equal responsibilities. He shouldn't have to plow around the clock while his wife chats with her girlfriends. Likewise, men should not shift all responsibility for taking care of children and raising them to their wives. Especially if the wife also works. Both parents should take part in the life of the child: both financially and in the upbringing. And you shouldn't turn children into a burden on your partner. That way you hurt both your spouse and your children.

  • Don’t Deprive Sex

Sex is varied. If you do not want a classic version of it, caress your life partner in other ways. Give tenderness and passion, and in no case extort something, blackmailing sex.


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