How to interact with different personalities at work

In our work environment, we relate with these four personalities everyday

In a previous article, we discussed the different types of personalities namely the explorer, builder, director, negotiator. Though we attributed it just to men, these personalities work for both genders.


In our work environment, we relate with these four personalities everyday. While we may have issues dealing with our colleagues due to different personalities clash, it is important to know their likes and dislikes.

These are how the four personalities relate in the workplace:

1. The Explorer likes big ideas. During work presentations, they don't like many slides, they want the big idea dropped early in the presentation. They are radical and willing to go with the flow, love new ideas and are theoretical.

2. The Builder needs all the charts and tables, they like work to go in a particular way. They don't want drama. They don't like exaggeration and don't want the big ideas.

3. The Director gets to the point. No ambiguity or drama. They are very relaxed and want you to be comfortable when talking to them.

4. The Negotiator wants you to look him straight in the face, lean forward while doing that. Be interested in their personal life, tell them about yours. They love imaginations and creativity.

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