Double standards - 7 kinds of 'biases' that hurt men and women

Why is it okay for a woman to cry in public but it's not acceptable for a man to do so?

Friends talking at a party

Double standards are certain biases that affect men and women in modern times. These bias cover our way of life and define our masculinity or femininity.

It kills a certain display of emotions as a result of what the society would perceive you as. For instance, why is it okay for a woman to cry in public but it's not acceptable for a man to do so? It's all due to double standards by which men and women are being judged.

According to The Good Men Project, here are 7 double standards that hurt men and women:

1. A woman who collects money from her husband is seen as being in a successful relationship while a man who collects money from his wife is a financial liability.

2. A woman who sits in a children's playground is a mother, a man who sits in the same playground is a child molester.

3. A married man without a job is seen as a failure while a jobless wife is seen as a homemaker.

4. A man who raises his kids has nothing serious to do while a woman who raises her kids at home is doing what is natural.

5. Girls who love to snuggle with their boyfriends are affectionate while boys who love snuggling with their girlfriends are seen as needy.

6. A man who wants a tall, slim and fit woman is objectifying her while a lady who wants a tall and built man has really high taste.

7. A man who weeps in the presence of everyone is weak while a woman who cries in public has feelings.


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