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'Alexis really wanted to do New Orleans' Serena told Vogue in an exclusive interview. 'It's his favorite city besides Brooklyn. It's got a heavy European influence; it's fun and has amazing food. He just loves the vibe.'

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The adorable decided to acknowledge Ohanian's mother who passed away nine years ago by celebrating their big day on her birthday November 16.

'It is her birthday, and we wanted her to be represented at the wedding,' Serena said. 'Obviously, we wish that she could be here for this, but choosing her birthday as our wedding date was a nice way of making sure she's still involved and made us feel more connected to her on our day.'

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Photos of the star-studded event taken exclusively by Vogue magazine show Williams looking radiant in the flowing, lacy white Alexander McQueen dress, which was crafted by head designer Sarah Burton.

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"I flew to London to meet with Sarah and ended up falling in love with the ball gown silhouette, which is completely the opposite of what I ever thought I would choose for myself," the bride told Vogue. "I loved the idea of doing a really spectacular ball gown, and it has turned out to be such an incredibly special piece."

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Kim Kardashian (far left), Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé (center), LaLa Anthony (second from right) and Ciara were all in attendance at the wedding