Here are the fashion rules for every groom must know

You want to look as stylish as your partner on your wedding day so you ought follow these rule.

Grooms, when it comes to dressing for your big day, a lot of tips and tricks rely on personal tastes and preferences. But when it comes to men’s fashion there are a faux pas that are easy to avoid. brings you fashion rules for every groom.

1. Coordinate attire with your partner’s

Your wedding is your first opportunity to show off your style as a couple, so make it a joint effort. While you may not know exactly what your partner is wearing, you'll want to be sure your styles work together.

So if her dress is a bedazzled ball gown, you won't want to wear a lightweight linen suit—a classic black tux is more like it.

Other combos that work: a rustic lace gown paired with a tailored tan suit, or a streamlined city-chic gown with a slim-cut gray suit.


Grooms can generally choose between a two-button jacket and a three-button jacket. If you choose a two-button jacket, the top button should rest at or above your belly button.

If you choose a three button jacket, the middle button should follow the same rule.

3. A littleelaboratedetails

Being coordinated doesn’t necessarily mean you and the groomsmen need to look like clones. Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your outfit – spice things up and wear a special boutonniere or a bow tie, vest, necktie, cummerbund or cuff links in a different colour or style. Always keep it stylish.

4. AvoidSunglasses

We want to see your face, not your cool-guy façade! You may be permitted to do one shot where you’re all rocking your Ray Bans, but leave it at that and move on, shade-less. If there’s one thing photographers have come to hate, it’s the universal love affair with sunglasses in pictures.

5.The suit should be a perfect fit

Even the most expensive tux on the rack will look and feel awful if it doesn't fit right. You should be able to move around easily—do lots of twists, turns and arm raises to make sure there's plenty of mobility to show off your dancing skills.


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