4 signs you may need to go for relationship counselling

There's no shame in asking for help.

And the third party is not your sister, brother, mother or friend.

We’re talking about a professional, non-biased opinion – a counsellor.

There is a common thought that seeking out a counsellor means that things are really bad in your relationship – and sometimes it is – but it seeking counselling shouldn’t be made into something that it is not.


Sometimes it can just be used to better a relationship or as guidance for a couple; premarital counselling anyone.

Anyway, if you fear that your relationship may have hit a rocky path and you or your partner are exhibiting the signs below, it may be time to seek out a counsellor.

1.You can’t seem to reach a common ground

People agree to disagree on things all the time but there is always a common ground that is reached. If you can’t reach common grounds on important things such as which town you are going to live in or whether both of you are going to work – this is for those seeking marriage of course – then it may be time to seek out a counsellor.

2.You are no longer considerate of the other’s feelings


If you find yourself wanting to be the center of attention in your relationship and brushing your partner’s feelings aside, then you may need to consider seeking professional help.

Sometimes people can get so wrapped up in their head that they don’t realize that they are hurting their partner in the process.

3.You are not physically or emotionally intimate anymore

Intimacy is important for any relationship so a lack of it raises a red flag.


4.You are holding on to old grudges

You can’t seem to bring yourself to forgive your partner for something that they did. No matter how many times they apologize or try and make it up to you, you just can’t seem to get past it.


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