• When there’s no reciprocation

Before you say ‘I love you’ you must be totally convinced that your partner is madly in love with you. If you she doesn’t say those magical words back, it makes the whole relationship go backward.

You will feel disappointed and hurt that she doesn’t want to commit. Unless you’re completely smitten by this person you’re dating and don’t care whether they love you back or not, avoid saying it too soon.

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  • When you don’t know each other too well

These days the youth don’t actually fall in love. They meet at events, exchange messages on social media and hang out a couple of times, the next moment they change their Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’.

They end up getting broken hearted because they didn’t study each well enough to know if they are compatible. Always make sure you actually like the real person you’re dating for their personality before professing your love to them.

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  • When you feel very insecure

Be sincere to yourself. Are you saying ‘I love you’ just to cover your own insecurities especially when she is out of your league or from a wealthy family?

Some men say those three words just to beat any competition out of the way, or arm-twist the one they’re dating so they can feel more secure about the relationship or push away anyone else who’s threatening the relationship. If you have to profess your love, do it for the right reasons.

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  • When your parents don’t approve of the relationship

Traditionally, you need your parent's approval and support before you can get married in holy matrimony. Some parents are against inter-tribal marriage before you say ‘I love you’ make sure she fits all the criteria on your checklist.