5 reasons why couples who cuddle more are happier

Cuddling helps release oxytocin, which is a bonding hormone that helps us feel close.

Spending more time with your significant others during the early stages of your relationships helps create an intimate bond, allowing the couple to just focus on each other. The numerous benefits of cuddling can’t be ignored if you want to thrive in your relationship.

  • Cuddling is really sexy foreplay for sexy time!

Every relationship needs constant care, affection, love, and cuddles. Cuddling is a really nice segue into sex.

  • Cuddling bonds you together

Cuddling strengthens the relationship between two individuals; ie couples or a parent and child. There is no possible way that if you drift apart if you cuddle daily. Save your relationship and cuddle it out.

  • Keeps the spark alive

One of the secrets to a long-lasting relationship is cuddling. One way to keep to keep the love alive is through regular physical contact. A couple who cuddle a lot is very comfortable with each other.

  • Boost the mmune System

The release of oxytocin, this feel-good hormone makes you feel like nothing can hurt you which is an amazing benefit! It also increases hormones that help fight infection.

Basically, you’re boosting your immune system because you’re feeling too good and healthy to get sick. The power of positive thinking and feeling loved and secure actually works.

  • Relieve Pain

Just as it boosts your immune system, cuddling and releasing oxytocin will decrease your pain levels. It’s like whenever your neck hurts, you rub it. Even simple touches like that release enough oxytocin to make you feel better, so imagine the effect cuddling has — a full body contact with another human.


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