Sex after a C-Section: Here's how to do it without pain

If you have just had a cesarean section (C-section) delivery, you may be wondering when it is safe to have sex after giving birth.

Whatever you need to know about sex after a C-section delivery, from how long to wait to have sex after giving birth to what positions to try or which to avoid, we have your back.

Tips for amazing postpartum sex

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about having sex for the first time after giving birth. These tips can help take the pressure off so that you can start enjoying yourself in bed again.

  • Set low expectations

You might not have mind-blowing sex a few weeks or even a few months after delivery. It takes time to physically and mentally adjust to all of the changes that take place post-delivery. Sex may not be great the first few times, but it can improve over time.

  • Go easy on yourself

You may not be as eager as you once were to have sex, and there’s actually a scientific explanation for that. Between sleep deprivation and the sudden drop in hormone levels, your libido is bound to take a hit. It’s normal not to want sex as much as you used to — or at all.

  • Go slow 

After delivery — vaginal or C-section — things will feel different. It may take more patience and mindfulness to enjoy sex. Things you enjoyed before delivery may not be as comfortable now. Wait until you’re sure you’re ready before having sex and experiment with different positions to figure out what’s best for you now.


Talk about it Whatever it is you’re feeling — self-conscious, uncomfortable, or aroused — it’s important to share it openly.

  • Use lube

Even if you think you don’t need it, get yourself some water-based lubricant and use it liberally. There’s no point in having painful sex when you’re trying to get back into the swing of things.

  • Stop if it doesn’t feel good

It may seem like a no-brainer, but in the moment, it can be really difficult to speak up if you feel uncomfortable. Remember sex should be pleasurable for everyone involved, and you can stop whenever you want to. There are other ways to enjoy each other without penetration.

  • Wait for the green light from your health care provider

While some mystery may add to the fun, guessing is never a good thing when it comes to medical issues. Wait until you have the go-ahead from your health care provider to avoid risking injury or infection.

Best sex positions for intercourse after a cesarean delivery

If you’re ready to start having sex again, but not so ready to aggravate that tender area, there are a few sex positions that you may prefer.

Positions where you’re on top are ideal because they give you full control. You can decide on the depth of penetration and the level of contact with your abdomen. It also allows you to move in ways that are most comfortable for you. In addition, positions that involve side or rear entry will keep pressure off of the tender incision area. Spooning may be your best bet at the very beginning.


Things to note

It’s important to wait at least six weeks after a C-section delivery before having intercourse. But, it’s also fine to wait longer than that. Listen closely to your body and take your emotional state into consideration when deciding when to have sex after a C-section.

If you are experiencing pain in or around your vagina or C-section scar, let your partner and your health care provider know.


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