5 amazing reasons why couples don’t have sex on their wedding night

Don’t argue. It’s the truth. You can seen it all.

Morning sex

Thank me later for this free advice. Early morning sex leaves you revitalized and happy all day. A daily dose of morning sex builds your confidence to accomplish your daily endeavors. Recommended for a couple trying to conceive as well.

Fatigue and stress

Sex requires patience and skills. With the hours of smiling, photos, greetings, ‘I do’s’, well wishers and dancing behind you, there’s nothing else you’d rather do than sleep. After dancing, eating and having for the whole day, there is no energy left for a sex marathon.

You might have probably learned some mega blowing positions to please him/her but don't forget timing is also important. He/she might not be in the right mood to try something out of their comfort zone. Just crown the night with foreplay.

Too drunk

After years and months of planning your dream wedding, how do you make the most of the day? It’s your big day, no big deal if you test different wines in the midst of friends and family. Party time, who has time for sex?

Wrong timing

The day is finally over and there is much to laugh about especially among couples who were best friends. You laugh about everything from the organization to fashion choices, makeup and reminisce on some beautiful moments.

No time to initiate sex, cuddling will suffice.

Getting to know each other

If you are planning your wedding, choose a serene place for your honeymoon. Spend the night at the beachside getting to know each other on deep levels. Communicate your sexual fantasies and plan the future ahead.

Spend time with your guest

Newly weds, why elope after the wedding reception when people have come from far and near to spend the day with you. Control your hormones. Spend the night with them, there is always time for sex.

Seen it all

Most couples these days would have probably done it a lot more times before the wedding. There’s no need to rush. The two have already seen it all.

Don’t argue. It’s the truth. Fact!

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