‘Side chicks are expensive’ – Disciplined man gives 5 reasons why having more than one woman is wasteful

A married man says side chicks are expensive to keep and that this motivated him to remain disciplined in his marriage and business.

Prince Donnell

He goes further to buttress his pint with 5 solid arguments as to why he stands with faithfulness and monogamy.

First, you will lose your family. Prince said not only would you lose the woman in your life but your kids as well. For him, family and legacy are all we have in this world and no orgasm is worth losing them.


Secondly, it takes money and lots of it to maintain a woman. According to him any amount spent on your mistress is an amount less than what you could have invested.

And since time is money, you suffer a double loss because you have to make time for her too. He wrote, “Believe it or not your time is money. How much are you worth an hour? Let’s say $.50 dollars an hour. If you spend an hour a day with your side chick: $50 *7 days = $350 dollars. That’s a bad investment if she can't help you double it. Not worth it!”


Plus losing money, you lose respect also. Prince stated although rappers may give the impression that objectifying women and jumping from one to another is cool that is not the case. He said including the things you would lose keeping the side piece is a lot of respect.

At the end of the day, you would lose everything. You will lose your women, family, money, respect and the side chick too. Because she’s just going to move on to greener pastures with someone else!


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