5 signs your 'talking stage' will not lead to a relationship

The dating scene can be very frustrating especially when all your 'talking stages' never lead anywhere.

5 signs it won't lead anywhere[Wallshaven]

the talking stage is usually that time when you're more than strangers but less than a couple, leaving many of us wondering where we stand.

Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of dating dilemmas, offering you a cheeky yet insightful look into the 5 signs that the talking stage might just be a dead end.

If texts or calls are as unpredictable as Accra's rainfall, take note. Consistency—or the lack thereof—is a major indicator of interest.


When messages come in hot one day and cold the next, it's a sign that the person on the other end might not be as invested in moving things forward as you are.

Ever made plans that somehow never seem to materialize? If "Let's hang out soon" remains just words and never action, it's a red flag. This lack of effort to spend real-time together shows a lack of seriousness in taking things to the next level.

Are your conversations limited to texts or DMs, with no move towards deeper communication or meet-ups?


If your interaction doesn’t progress beyond the screen, it might be time to question the potential of this connection. Real connections thrive on real interactions.

After weeks or even months of talking, if you realize you don't know much more about them than you did at the start, it’s a bad sign.

A genuine interest in each other's lives is crucial for moving from the talking stage to a relationship.


If attempts to define the relationship are met with vague responses, deflections, or outright avoidance, it's a clear signal the talking stage is where things will end.

A commitment to exclusivity, even in the early stages, indicates a willingness to explore a future together.

While the talking stage can be fun and full of potential, recognizing these signs can save you from lingering in limbo.

You deserve clarity and someone as eager to move forward as you are. Keep these signs in mind, and don't be afraid to seek what you truly want.

We’re all about facing dating head-on, with all its twists and turns, while keeping you informed and entertained.

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