This wedding photographer has made a huge Star Wars fan's dreams come true.

Leonard and Brittaney are die-hard fans who recently got married.

In fact, the groom, Leonard, wore Star Wars Converses on the big day.

For their wedding portrait, Brittaney wanted one with a similar scene, so, they contacted wedding photographer, Anthony Vierra, who is popular for his amazing works.

Anthony proceeded to give the bride and groom lightsabers and insert other Star Wars-related scenery like the Millennium Falcon using photoshop.

Concerning the couple and his work which he posted on his facebook page, he says:

"I don't always have clients that are Star Wars fans, but when I do I do it's EPIC. I love being able to show my creative side in my photography. Thank you so much toand for letting me do this for them."

Congrats to the couple on their epic wedding photo.