3 things you should know before you tattoo your partner's name

Tattooing your partner’s name can feel like the ultimate declaration of love.

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But before you ink your significant other's name onto your skin, it’s crucial to consider what this gesture really entails.

Tattoos are, for the most part, permanent, and the decision to get one should be made with both caution and enthusiasm. Here are 3 essential points to ponder before you make your love permanent with ink.

Consider the fact that it's permanent

First, think about the fact that it's permanent. While your feelings might be strong now, relationships can change.


Tattoos, however, remain unless removed through costly and often painful procedures. Before you make a decision, ponder whether you are ready to carry this name with you regardless of future changes in your relationship.

It’s a commitment that might outlast the relationship itself and is more expensive and difficult to remove than to get.

It is more painful to remove

Removing a tattoo can be quite difficult. The process is often more complex, expensive, and painful than getting the tattoo itself.

Many people report that the pain associated with tattoo removal is greater than that of getting the tattoo. The sensation is often compared to being snapped by a rubber band repeatedly.


Depending on the size, color, and age of the tattoo, complete removal can take several sessions spaced weeks or even months apart. If the relationship ends you won't want to go through this type of pain just to clean their name.

Consider the impact on you

Finally, think about how this tattoo could impact your personal and professional life. Some professions might view visible tattoos as inappropriate, and personal shifts in your life could change how you feel about a name tattooed on your body.

Consider placement carefully, and think about how it might affect your life in various scenarios.

Getting a tattoo of your partner’s name is no small decision. It’s a significant gesture that should be carefully considered, discussing not just the emotional implications but also the practical and personal impacts it might have.


Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a choice that you’re comfortable with in the long term, honoring both your feelings and your future.


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