Warning signs that show that you don't need a relationship just yet

If many or all of these things describe you, you really should not be dating just yet.

 Time to be single again [Credit Peathegee Inc Getty]

It is also possible to cast a gaze on friends, family and colleagues and get subtly [or high key] pressured into being with someone just to feel the thrill those people [seem to] feel.

But think about it, won’t you be better off by yourself - for now, at least?

If you fall within any or many of the categories stated below, maybe you should just stay off relationships a little longer for your own good.


The fear of being lonely sounds like a good reason to run into the security of a relationship, doesn’t it?

But actually, it’s not a good reason.

You really are not strong enough to be in a relationship if you are have not found enough mental fortitude being by yourself and enjoying your life while at it.


Your reason for wanting to be in a relationship should be self-sourced, not externally obtained.

You should not be in a relationship off the back of other people’s conviction of what is right for you. If you are not mentally ready for it, stay away from relationships regardless of advice people give you.


It is very wise to deal with personal issues first before getting into a relationship.

Not only is carrying your personal baggage into your relationships unfair to the other person, it also presents an inability for you to heal from your hurt because it’s not being addressed, but ignored instead.

If you have a history of operating at the speed of light where relationships are concerned, being single may be just what you need to learn to pace yourself.


Instead of doing this, step back from the dating game for a bit and just enjoy being single and fabulous. You’ll be surprised at how freeing you’ll feel when you learn to enjoy being unattached.

Plus what’s the point of dating for no other reason but just to be known as someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend?

This is undoubtedly the best reason of all to be single. Taking time to work on yourself, and stepping away from relationships is something that more of us should do, it would eliminate many of the issues we often face.


Also, never let anyone make you feel like working on yourself is a selfish move because it’s not. It’s actually the opposite because you don’t want to waste someone else’s time while you’re trying to become the best you can be.


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