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Wedding Photos 15 wedding day fails that will make you cringe

The fifteen instances we have got for you here though, had zero precision. These are wedding fails.

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Wedding fails play

Wedding fails

Arguably, your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. Everyone you know and love is gathering together to watch you and your soulmate tie the knot and dedicate your lives to each other.

So you want to make sure that everything goes to plan, there are hundreds of people there and a fail of any kind is going to potentially ruin the whole thing. Or at least be pretty embarrassing.

That’s why people pay so much money and plan things with such military precision.

The fifteen instances we’ve got for you here though, had zero precision. These are wedding fails. But not as you know it…


Your wedding day. A special twenty four hours where every woman thinks back to when she was a girl and dreamed of her big day. About how she glided down the aisle like a princess.

In a tiara, beautiful shoes and an awe-inspiring dress. Not many young girls dream of having 36 FF boobs spilling out of their pretty lacy little wedding dresses, though… This girl will certainly distract the priest.

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Ah, the beach wedding. A lovely idea in theory, but often it doesn’t turn out quite as nice in reality. Sand blows everywhere, the weather turns, the tide comes in…

A crazy man in the world’s smallest thong runs around taking photographs and spoiling all of your professional shots. Hang on, unless that actually is the wedding photographer. Wow, if he is, they’re in for a Helluva day…

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Now, we’re not sure that this kind of wedding has a name. But if it doesn’t, perhaps it should have. ‘Shotgun Wedding’ is already taken, so we’ll have to think of something else.

‘Texas Wedding’ is probably a fairly good moniker for it. Imagine how tough the groom would have to be to go up against sorry, we mean ‘marry’ this gun-toting broad. He’s a brave, brave man (who’s probably going to get shot one day).

Maybe we can forgive this groom for his wandering hands here in this wedding day fail. Let’s be kind to him and say that he just became momentarily confused when he put out his hand out for a bit of butt-grabbing action.

It’s a stressful day, maybe he didn’t get a lot of sleep… Who knows? You know, he’s definitely not a low-down dirty butt-grabbing cheat.

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How has this guy managed to confuse the tradition of throwing a handful of confetti or rice at a newly married couple and the idea of just hoying a cup of hot coffee over them?

Maybe he Irish’d up that coffee before sipping, because he’s got this badly wrong. This fail was shot approximately 0.002 seconds before he completely and utterly ruined this couple’s day entirely. What a moment.

Let’s be polite and imagine for a second that this couple didn’t actually instruct their cake maker to make a cake in the shape of something that comes out of the back end of a dog.

So we have discounted that what the Heck is this thing supposed to be? A melting beehive and a giant maggot?! We have no idea. Whatever it is, the couple clearly like it, so we shouldn’t laugh too much. Bless them.

Here we see another beach wedding and a fantastic example of another thins that can go just so wrong with them. The warm weather affords the luxury of picking out some slightly less formal wedding day wear.

Which is okay if you’re opting for a short-sleeved shirt and sandals, but these guys are just being silly. Bow ties and denim cut-offs? Really? These photos will not be looking good in the future, will they? They look pretty dreadful now, after all!

Does this kid remind you of the youngster from The Omen, Damian? He does us. It must be the haircut. Well, that and the evil look in his eye. And in his middle finger.

While we wouldn’t want to judge someone based on one small little action, you have to imagine that this newlywed couple are going to have one or two little issues with this young fella, aren’t they? Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out that he’s the devil, huh?

The classic idea of the perfect wedding dress, just picture it. Are you picturing it? Good. Now is it huge at the bottom (like Nicki Minaj)? Of course it is, that’s how they are.

Tricky, to say the least, to maneuver when you’re wearing one and have to use the bathroom. So oftentimes you’ll need to recruit help. As in get a friend to help you out. We don’t mean recruit literally. That’s no job for anyone!

One surefire way to ensure that you won’t have your wedding day ruined by your nerves is to make sure you relax as much as possible before walking down the aisle.

If you like jogging, you could have a quick run to release stress. If you’re a smoker, you could have a quick smoke. If you enjoy a little drink to calm the nerves, you could have a small glass of wine. Or go crazy like this bride!

In a lot of towns throughout the world, the newspaper announcement of local weddings is still very much a thing. So you have to watch out if you and your other half have weird names that don’t work well together!

To avoid this huge fail you could either buy up every newspaper in town and burn it or try and bribe the announcement writer with an invite. Failing that, you could cancel your marriage.

What’s a bride’s worst nightmare? Not fitting into her dress on the big day? A fight at the reception? Being jilted?! How about the groom? What’s his worst nightmare?

For 99% of them, regardless of how old they are or where they live in the world, it’ll be the mother-in-law. And this photograph demonstrates that perfectly. The specter of the ‘outlaw’ is ever-present, you have to learn how to control her…

This fail is yet another example of brilliant timing when it comes to the cameraman. This snapper was really on his game here as he or she has managed to capture disaster as it strikes.

It’s so ‘in motion’ that the bride hasn’t even had time to adjust her facial expression from ‘Happy Wife’ to ‘Really Quite Upset Wife Who’s Trying To Pretend She Thinks It’s Funny That Their Cake Is Now Ruined’.

This picture went viral a while back and had a few people laughing, but hey call it a fail if you like, but love’s love, right? This guy might weigh 100lbs and his new wife four times that, but if they’re happy, what gives us the right to scoff?

Looks like they got married on a lake too, which is nice. Let’s stop being so cynical and wish them all the best. And also ignore the fact that we still featured them so are implicit in this whole thing.

Here’s why you should always be careful to make sure there are no Sharpies in pockets when you put a wash on. It’s a disaster. Hang on, no they’re words, aren’t they?

That means these people have intentionally scribbled all over their wedding dress and, well, that’s not a shirt, is it? It’s a tee. A wedding tee. And wedding jeans. Wow, that is one informal wedding.

Source: 4allfails.com

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