Street Hustle Accra: A day in the life of 42-year-old Asaana seller

Today's 'Street Hustle Accra' features Peace Adiator, 42, who sells popular street snack, Asaana to make ends meet.


Peace is a spinster who migrated from the Volta Region to come and look for greener pastures in Accra. She tells us about how she survives selling Asaana on the street.


I wake up at 5:30am and then tidy my house and then I take my bath. By 7am I would have finished and then I begin to prepare my Asaana.

By 8am, I would have been done, then I quickly go to the bakery and get some bread and then I go to buy ice block to chill the Asaana. At least by 10am, I get all set and ready to sell. But I don't go to sell immediately I get ready. I rather put the food in front of my house which is close to the government school. During that time, the students would be on their morning break, so, they come to buy some before I carry it to go round the neighbourhood and other places to sell.


Also, Asaana is usually taken as a snack in the country and most people eat that in the afternoon so when I carry it in the morning I wouldn't get people to buy it quickly, hence, I will be more tired.

So, from that 10am to about 12 noon, I would sell the drink at home.


At 12 noon, I eat something at home, mostly leftover food from the previous day then I carry the snack on my head then I go to sell.

Mostly, I have customers so I go to, either to their houses or workplaces to go and tell the food to them.


Days where the market isn't very good, I go a little farther to sell than times when sales are really good.

By 3pm, I should be able to sell more than half of the Asaana and then when I realize I have just a little to sell, I head straight to the school and sell the remaining to the students who have saved their monies to buy something when they close from school.

So I sell there until 4:30 to 5pm. Mostly, my Asaana would have been finished.

Then I heard straight to the market, buy some of the things I would need for the preparation of the snack the following day.



By 6pm, I would have returned from the market and then I cook dinner.

When done, I combine the things I used for cooking and then the Asaana pot and all the things I used in preparing the beverage and then I wash them.

I then eat and take my bath afterwards.

Then I watch some telenovelas. By 9:30 to 10pm, I switch off the TV and then go to bed.

Best moments


I always get motivated to keep selling the food because most of the times, sell everything.

I make more friends and the so they help me when I am in need.


Selling Asaana doesn't fetch enough money. You have to sell a lot before you can make enough.

Sometimes, people don't respect you and it's really challenging.


Aside from that, I am very pleased with God because he helps me get something to at least take home and cater for myself.


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