Street Hustle Accra: A day in the life of, Kwesi Nyarko, 42, selling shirts to care for his family.

The subject for today's 'Street Hustle Accra', a trader, Kwesi Nyarko, 42, selling shirts to make earns meet.


Kwesi is a Senior High School (SHS) leaver who decided to sell shirts to take care of himself.

From this job, he has been able to marry and he currently has two children. He, again, is taking care of his younger sister.


I wake up at 3am then I quickly bath and leave for the market.

I go this early because I pick the first selection. This selection mostly has the best outfits and they are suitable for my target market.

So I leave the house around 3:30am to Accra where I pick the things.

It is quite a long process so after I pick the things which take about two hours, I take it to a place where I select which ones are best and then the average ones and then the chaff.

I sell the chaff out to the people who sell them at very cheap prices.

Immediately I sell out the chaff, I pick remaining and then I bring them home so that they can be washed. My wife and younger sister help me with washing all the clothes.

I starch them and then when they are dried up, I iron them. This makes the shirts beautiful and attractive for sale. This usually takes my whole morning.


My afternoons are always my sales time. I package each shirt in a plain rubber, drop them in my car and then drive from office to office.

I sell most of these clothes to people at banks and other corporate entities.

These people have very little time to go to the market to buy clothes and they always have to look smart and neat for work at any time. Others don't even know where to go to buy their clothes so taking the shirts there is a way of reducing their stress.

So I sell the shirts and take orders as well from others who need trousers and other outfits. Aside from the shirts any other cloth a customer requests for is strictly by order because it's difficult selling them especially outfits like trousers. I usually leave the office when work closes.


By 6:30pm, I should get home, take my bath and then take supper.

After supper, I check if my children have some homework then I help them with it. If they don't, I chat with them or we watch television for a while.

By 8pm, I leave for bed because I will wake up very early the following day so I sleep early so that I can get enough rest and feel refreshed for the following day.

Best moments

I earn very good money from my work. All the hard work pays and I am able to care for my family and take care of all the needs at home.

Interestingly I am building my own house from this same business.

I am able to establish contacts too so it is very easy to sell my things and even tend to people when I am in need.


Waking up very early is stressful. It takes discipline to be able to do such work.

Sometimes I lend the clothes out to some customers and they end up not paying. You will chase them for some time and you will eventually get tired and give up.

Despite these challenges, I love this job, I have been doing it for about 20years now and I don't see myself quitting. You don't always have to work in the office to be rich. Discipline and hard work make everything you do work best for you.


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