The journey of motherhood, a blissful experience worth embarking

Motherhood is a journey. There are the good sides and sometimes, the challenging sides. In all, it is a blissful journey.

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In Accra, Ghana, there is a common saying among the mothers that regardless of whatever your child or children put you through, just embrace it with love and patience because other women are weeping and making unreasonable promises at prayer camps in exchange for babies.

Aside from having the protruded belly, the weight gain, weird cravings, hypersensitive senses among others, pregnancy is a beautiful experience. Witnessing the baby grows each passing day, listening to their heartbeat, watching their body parts and movements on the scan machine is just unbelievable. Some mothers always look forward to their 5th and 6th to check for the gender of their little angel. Some parents get disappointed on the gender of baby at first. They, however, love them anyways.

The pregnancy journey differs from one woman to the other. Even for people who have already been there, sometimes the experiences are different per case.


What happens after the 'water break' during labour is a magical and indescribable lifetime experience.

Some women say going into labour is painful, others proudly say, it's a smooth delivery.

Irrespective of what the case might be, it is pure joy when the midwives hand over the baby for a minute of bonding before taking them back for dressing up and also remove the placenta, stitch up your cuts or complete any medical procedure left before you are transferred to your bed. ‘'Feeling super light as air', the 40 and more weeks bump-y journey was worth it.

  • The bumpy side of the bump-y journey

A part of motherhood involving childbirth sometimes has its challenges. There are instances where a mother loses her child during delivery or both mother and child die as a result of the poor transportation system or medical supplies.


According to a report by Joy FM, Thirty-six women died from birth-related health cases in 2018 in Tema, fewer than the 44 deaths in 2017, the Tema Metropolitan Health Directorate (TMHD) said.

The Directorate documented that 74.4 per cent of the factors contributing to maternal mortality in the area was due to a lack of expertise and inadequate knowledge and skills.

Other contributing factors included the delay in pregnant women seeking help, declined treatment or admission and lack of transport from home to reach health facilities. Despite the fact that being a mother has been a selfless journey, attention should be drawn to making that selflessness worth the while.

  • A mother

In a typical Ghanaian compound house, a mother is someone who has a child old enough to run errands.


Don't ever try sending someone's child without their permission, they will reveal all your dirty secrets or rumours of your amorous relationships during youth which resulted in several abortions or a man flushing all his sperm away. If you had given birth early, they would have been your right hand as they whisk their child away. That is probably the petty side of motherhood.

However, you don't have to necessarily give birth to be a mother figure.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines a mother as 'to give birth to a child, to be or act as a mother to someone or to care and protect someone like a mother.'

In an exclusive with media personality and 'mompreneur' Vanessa Gyan, she disclosed to that her version of a mother is a simply a caregiver.

Xandy Kamel, a Ghanaian actress also told Pulse Ghana that her version of a mother is a female who has the interest of others at heart.


In a nutshell, a mother isn't just someone who has given birth but a person who treat others with care and goes beyond their limits to make others feel loved and have a sense of belonging.

  • A mother's role

Mothers are special because they have the power to connect and correct their children simultaneously. Mothers have mastered the art of training children in their own way deemed necessary. Sometimes, they don't have to use the cane. Just a blink of an eye or how they stare at you can deter you from any wrongdoing. A mother is always prepared for any situation as if they can read minds.

They support and also play the role of a good team player and best friends.

A mother can easily pinpoint certain traits about you because she pays attention to every little detail. And correct it if the need be.


A mother is a problem solver and her confidence and stamina motivate others to pursue their dreams.

A prayerful mother, who can find? A mother responsibility doesn’t end when their children leave for their respective marital homes. They play an active role in the marriage ceremony, pregnancy and they gain another level of energy when they become grandparents.

A good mother’s legacy and popular sayings are always retold to the new generation.

Watch below how Ghanaian celebrities, Vanessa and Xandy thought on pregnancy and how motherhood has made their life beautiful.


From all of us at, happy Mothers' Day!

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