The magic to being on time(Pulse Contributor’s Opinion)

This is a trick especially for those who can’t seem to understand how no matter how hard they plan the day they end up being late to the very first thing in the morning be it a meeting a wedding or whatever hits their schedule before the sun is out. This is the wrong location for those who want to learn how to stand on watches because we don’t have the time here for that. Time is very important and mismanaging it can mess you up in great amounts, usually, when we are late to the first even in the day we end up with a very messed up day and in the long run, makes us very stressed. This chain of having an automatic bad day can be broken easily, but to break any lock you need the skill.

Time Management

Waking up early in the morning gives you the time to prepare for daily activities that you have planned for and therefore waking up early is the simplest way to get the most out of your day. Waking up early sounds easy but it is a hard decision to either break the joy of your comfortable sleep for the stress of the hustle in life, but your final answer must come from which is more profitable, you can do without your sleep but you can hardly live if you have no hustle. There are many ways to wake up before your alarm goes but one of the simple methods are;


You should plan on how to use your day, you should know what you will be doing at particular times, also you must obey this schedule in other to make the most out of it. This saves your sleep time. You won’t be texting deep into the night because you know you have a meeting the next morning and you won’t be out partying in the afternoon because you have a dinner scheduled for that time. With this, you are sure to wake up early and use your day effectively.


Do whatever possible to facilitate sleep, if it takes covering your eyes, changing the paintings in your room, playing calm music just make sure you aren’t wasting valuable sleep time lying down and staring into the ceiling, make your best efforts to sleep quickly and deeply to help you get maximum rest and help you to wake up early.


No matter how hard you try, sleeping with a heavy load in your stomach barely makes you get any minutes of sleep. This is because digestion is at its peak when you sleep so whenever you overeat the body overworks to give you that hunger early in the morning. In addition, the earlier you get hungry the earlier you wake up. So eating heavy especially before sleep is not a very good idea.


Sometimes your alarm is your last resort, as in you are a deep sleeper and just noise can have any hope of waking you up. When this is the situation make sure your alarm is far from you as possible this makes it impossible to cut out the noise unless you walk to where it is, this reduces the chances of you going back to bed and makes you have more time to prepare for the stuff on your schedule.

The decision to make the most out of your day is the real motive behind waking up early, you won't feel like waking up when you have nothing to do so you should be full of aspirations and goals for the day.

Samuel Hesse

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