What does your outfit say about you

If you button up your collar too tightly, you're a prude, but if you show cleavage, you're a tease. So what should be the standard?

standard of measurement for necklines

Did it ever occur to you that as you get dressed daily, people actually size you up to their personal standards of measurements, and then tag you as they deem fit?

In Nigeria, its always been the status quo to judge a book by its cover, in every area. Its worse for the women because we can never win.

If you button up your collar too tightly, you're a prude, but if you show cleavage, you're a tease. If you opt for flats, you're old-fashioned, but choosing heels makes you a whore.

This form of sexual stereotyping can and has now placed the act of getting dressed onto a damaging scale of self-worth.


Terre Des Femmes, a Swiss feminist organization, took on the double standards that come with women's style with an ad campaign titled "Don't Measure a Woman's Worth by Her Clothes."

The campaign points out the dangers of judging a woman by her outfit and points out the fact that those judging are usually wrong anayway.

The ads aim to shed light on the dangers of making snap judgments about a woman by the cut of her dress.

Artist Theresa Wlokka created three images and assigned different measures of worth for different areas of the body.

From prudish to boring and from cheeky to slutty, the funny thing is that not a single association is positive.


See for yourself, and think twice before looking in the mirror and asking, "Does this dress make me look slutty?".

Be free! Enjoy being you! Create your own fashion statement. Find beautiful outfits at a great price.

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