What nobody tells you about being a mother

Motherhood, as fulfilling as it is comes with fears we didn’t have before.

What nobody tells you about being a new mother

While many people share the joys of motherhood, there are certain aspects that often go unspoken.

Here are four things that new mothers may find themselves grappling with:

1. The fear of dying: Prior to motherhood, we often take our own lives for granted.

However, when you become a mother, the fragility of life can weigh heavily on your mind.


Suddenly, you develop a fear of the unthinkable - leaving your children behind.

The responsibility of nurturing and protecting another life can make you hyper-aware of your own vulnerability.

2. Concerns about parenting style: Every mother strives to be the best parent they can be, but self-doubt can creep in.

You may find yourself questioning your parenting style, wondering if you're making the right choices for your child's well-being.

It's common to worry about whether you're striking the right balance between nurturing and discipline, setting boundaries, or providing enough love and support.


3. The constant worry: Motherhood often brings a constant undercurrent of worry.

From concerns about your child's health and safety to fretting over milestones and developmental progress, it can feel like your mind is always occupied with concerns.

This level of vigilance can be exhausting, but it's also a testament to the deep love and commitment you have for your child.

4. Self-identity shift: Prior to motherhood, your identity may have been primarily centered around yourself.

With the arrival of a child, you undergo a significant transformation.


You become a different person, defined in many ways by your role as a mother.

This shift can be both beautiful and challenging, as you navigate the merging of your pre-motherhood identity with your new role.

Motherhood is a journey filled with ups and downs, you’re not alone in experiencing these emotions.

As you grow as a parent, you'll find your own unique path through the challenges and rewards of motherhood.


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