At this point, youre probably well aware that Kim Kardashian is a beast when it comes to fitness. Which may lead you to wonder:

How in the world does she have time to hit the gym on the reg? The answer: She gets up early, like, super early.

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The duo works out six days a week, for an hour to an hour and a half each session (and up to an hour and 45 minutes on leg and butt days!), Alcantara tells

"She loves taking her kids to school. She’s a badass mom," says Alcantara. But even considering her mom duties, plus her work schedule, she never misses one of those early morning seshes. "She’s super responsible, she never cancels-she’s the best client and athlete you can have."

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Okay, but how? (HOW?!) "It’s just her drive," the celeb trainer says. "She knows what she wants, and she has to fit it in. She's like ‘ I have to work out, this is part of my life’, it’s all about the mindset."

To follow in Kim's footsteps, Alcantara advises making working out a staple of your daily routine-at whatever time works for you-and don't let it be optional. "Once it’s part of your daily routine and your life, then it’s not something you have to think about, you just have to do it."