Stuck in an orgasm rut? You might want to consider a trip to Norway.

According to a new survey, Norwegians have more orgasms than anyone else in the world—35 percent of them reportedly hit a high note at least once a day.

To help you put Norway's impressive O quota into perspective, 30 percent of Brazilians in the study said they only orgasm once a week, while 41 percent of Swedes said they orgasm two to three times a week, which LELO says is also the global average rate of climax.

The study had some other telling insights, too. Americans rated the intensity of their Os as a seven out of 10, on average. Meanwhile, people in Chile, Italy, and Spain reported having the most intense orgasms, with 10 to 13 percent rating the power of their orgasms as 10/10. Granted, a personal orgasm intensity rating is subjective―but still, we'll have what they're having.

But things aren't looking so great in Canadian bedrooms: About 15 percent said they’ve never had an orgasm and, when they actually do go over the edge, many only rated the intensity as a dismal one out of 10.

The researchers also asked about how noisy people are when they climax (because why not?) and found that Brazilians are the most likely to be screamers—65 percent of them said they get loud when they come, followed by about 40 percent of Norwegians. Of course, not everyone likes to make noise: About 42 percent of Portuguese people said they’re quiet when they climax and most people said they were “sometimes” loud when they orgasmed.

Not shockingly at all, more than 90 percent of men reportedly climax every time they have sex, while about 64 percent of women said the same.

If your personal orgasm stats aren’t where you want them, research has found that people who orgasm every time during sex tend to have oral sex, knock boots for more than 15 minutes, ask for what they want in bed, wear sexy lingerie, try new sex positions, and open up about their sexual fantasies, among other things. Can’t hurt to try—it's definitely cheaper than a trip to Norway.