Ghanas Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Alhaji Saide Sinare says the Embassy with help from the Kuwaiti government has flown 29 girls who have been rescued from abusive bosses in Kuwait back to Ghana.

Ghana in recent times has seen a number of girls sent illegally to Kuwait to work as house helps. According Alhaji Saeed Sinare, the recruits who are mainly below eighteen, are taken to the country through illegal means and are often maltreated by their bosses.

The Kuwaiti government earlier this year temporarily banned the issuance of visa  to Ghanaians recruited as maidservants to work in that country.

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62 girls who "are mostly below 18" have been rescued and are being kept in a shelter in Kuwait. Alhaji Sinare indicated that "these girls are being deported in batches to Ghana".

In April 22 girls were flown back to Ghana. "In May two batches of girls came back home" he added. First was 21 girls and later in May 8 more girls followed.

The Ambassador said he was grateful to the Kuwaiti government for the cooperation as well as agreement to pay for the cost involved in transporting the girls back to Ghana.

He said “the Kuwaiti government has done so well for housing the girls in a shelter and after meeting with their deputy minister for foreign affairs they’ve agreed to transport all those girls back home to Ghana at their own cost. A move we are most grateful for”.