Official schedule for the 18th edition of the largest technology event in Africa

The 18th edition of the annual event set to hold from November 17 – 19 in Cape town, South Africa.

Transforming Africa's digital economy

AfricaCom2015 is the largest and most successful technology event in Africa. The 18th edition of the annual event set to hold from November 17 – 19 in Cape town, South Africa.

The 3-day event which aims at promoting digital excellence in Africa, and will bring together over 375 tech giants, senior decision makers from the entire digital community to network, develop knowledge, showcase their latest solutions and technologies and gain inspiration from current industry trends and products.

DAY 1: Making Africa a digital world leader NEW

NEW Innovation for Africa's digital future

8.50 Welcome by Informa Telecoms & Media

9:00 Innovation Leadership Panel: How to support a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in digital Africa?

9:30 What does Digital Africa mean? Technology evolution for a connected world

9:50 Vision for Digital Africa panel: How will new technology transform Africa?

10:20 What will Africa's path towards 5G look like?

Connecting Africa

12.00 Assessing the remaining connectivity needs across Africa

12.20 Examining the role of Regulators & Governments in boosting connectivity across Africa

In partnership with Internet Society

13.00 Lunch

Chaired by Dobek Pater, Director and Analyst, Africa Analysis

14.30 Combining fibre and satellite to improve access to communications in lanlocked areas

14.50 The evolution of satellite: new solutions to improve connectivity cost-effectively

15.10 New solutions to improve connectivity cost-effectively in hard-to-reach areas

15.30 Panel: Developing fixed and wireless access in Africa: fibre, wifi and more

16:00 Closing remarks

Digital Entertainment Africa

Chaired by Russell Southwood, Balancing Act

12.00 Examining the digital entertainment market: customer needs, services & revenue opportunity

12.20 Panel: What are the business models for operators in digital entertainment: subscription, advertising, marketing/loyalty cost?

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Embracing digital: an operator's strategy to deliver attractive digital services and monetise them

14.50 Developing local content : how can local content producers be supported and promoted to meet the demand?

15.10 Diverse & personalised services for African consumers: Yahoo's strategy in Africa

15:40 Panel: Is mobile gaming the next big thing in digital services in Africa?

16:00 Closing remarks

Digital CX

12.00 Engaging customers in a changing digital market: how are the tools evolving?

12.20 Identifying and managing the crux points in the customer experience: pricing, branding, point of sale, customer service etc.

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Using social media and mobile marketing to connect and interact with customers

14.50 Using big data analytics effectively

15.10 Assessing the importance of quality of service in the customer experience

15:30 Lessons learnt from customer experience strategies in telecoms: how to develop a future-proof CEM strategy?

16:00 Closing remarks

DAY 2: Improving broadband and access across Africa NEW

New digital models

9.00 From hardware to software: a shift in how operators can view their networks

9:20 Services, data and the digital transition: How is LTE changing the digital landscape?

9:50 Future-proofing networks & services for the digital economy

10:10 Transforming operators models to succeed in the digital economy

New Revenue Streams

12.00 Identifying new revenue opportunities for fixed and mobile operators beyond voice: what are the options?

12.20 Partnerships, pricing and revenue sharing strategies to generate revenues from new services

13.00 Lunch

14.30 Exploring new revenue opportunities from the triple play model

14.50 M2M services that meet African needs: how the technology and the business models work

15.10 Wearables and connected living: where's the revenue for operators?

15.30 Assessing how Big Data can be monetised successfully by African operators

16:00 Closing remarks

DAY 3: Profitability and sustainability in digital Africa NEW

NEW Sustaining profitability

9.00 Investment, consolidation and profitability: Changing the continent's telecom landscape

Invited: representatives of operators, banks and investors

9.40 Communications with a difference: services for sustainable growth in the community

10.00 Targeting underserved communities: strategies to deliver digital communications across Africa

NEW Cost efficient operators

12.00 How can African operators transform to be more efficient and reduce cost?

12.20 Panel: Identifying the tools and strategies for a lean & agile operator in Africa

13.00 Lunch

14.20 Managing the operator-vendor relationship for more flexibility

14.40 Evaluating new models for infrastructure sharing

15.00 Examining power solutions to maximise efficiency and reduce costs

15:20 Closing remarks


12.00 Enterprise case study: how an effective ICT strategy can improve efficiency and profitability

12.20 Panel; Understanding the ICT needs of Africa's enterprises: corporations, SMEs, public sector, NGOs

13.00 Lunch

14.20 Business models and services for operators to monetise the enterprise market

14.40 Cloud services for enterprises: improving cost-efficiency and security

15.00 - 16:00 Enterprise ICT Roundtables

16:00 Closing remarks


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