Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has revealed that Ghana will begin bilateral trade agreement talks with Britain immediately.

It stands to reason that Ghana would seek to renegotiate these agreements with Britain alone, given that the UK may well be the single biggest trade destination for Ghana in the EU.

“ Even though Britain has not formally exited the EU, and the UK remains bound by previous agreements signed under the EU, Ghana will immediately start talks with the UK on a bilateral trade agreement” she said.

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Meanwhile, Madam Hannah Tetteh revealed that it will take, at least,  two years for the UK’s exit process out of the EU to conclude.

She added that, though the UK’s exit presents an opportunity for Ghana to renegotiate trade agreements with Britain, Ghanaians will have to remember that the EU will still have an influence on Ghana’s trade agreements in Europe.

“ We have trade agreements with Germany, France, Italy and other countries who are still in the European Union. The influence is still there”, she said in an interview on the CITI Breakfast Show.