Just when the Association of Poultry Farmers are calling for the ban on movement of live poultry from Accra and Tema to  other parts of the country, health authorities in the Tema Metropolis have just confirmed another outbreak of Avian Influenzer- Bird Flu in the area.

An earlier bird-to- bird outbreak was reported  in May this year with Achimota and Tema said to be the worst hit.

This led Deputy Agric Minister Dr. Hanna Bissiw to  direct the farmers not to sell the affected birds as part of measures to contain the epidemic.

Boi Kikimoto said the authorities are busily fighting the latest outbreak.

"We are fighting the outbreak. That is why you are hearing the latest outbreak in Tema. It is just one of the focal points of the outbreak,"

He said the authorities in the district where the outbreak was recorded are busy trying to contain the situation.

At least two farms have been affected in the latest outbreak amidst fears of a possible spread.

The farmers say they will collaborate with the  veterinary services to help the public identify infected birds.

"We are in the market and we know exactly when a bird has bird flu. We will help the veterinary officers to fight the canker.

They alone cannot go round the farms. There is no farm in Ghana we don't know. Not even the backyard farms. The farmers too are our friends so when the farmers have a problem we communicate with them," he explained.

He added they will liaise with the authorities to fight the latest outbreak.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Health at the Veterinary Services, Dr Bashiru Boi Kikimoto is leading the team.

"We have reported to the world health organisation of the presence of bird flu in Ghana," he said, adding the "focal points of outbreak at the various farms have increased."