Some Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) are calling on government to streamline the processes involved in registering their businesses.

Managing Director of Petroleum Limited Emmanuel Pobee said most OMC’s aim at receiving their permits within a shorter period than they do now.

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“Our goal is to be able to attain a permit within a shorter period. Theoretically it seems simple but practically it is going to take a lot of man power, a lot of government support and then a lot of red tapes. You know you have to be able to break certain rules and laid down practices to be able to achieve this but if we are able to do so I believe things will be simplified or speed up the process.”

In Ghana a total of eighty-eight (88) OMCs are duly registered by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

Most businesses in Ghana have expressed similar concerns over the duration and bureaucracy in registering businesses in the country.

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Most of them have called for a less stressful registration process that will ensure they save time and money.

Ghana ranked 108th out of 190 countries surveyed by the latest ease of doing business report conducted by the World Bank.

However, since the NPP government took office, they have assured the general public and prospective business owners of its readiness to reduce the heavy bureaucracies encountered when registering a business in Ghana.