Stars' celibacy rule spark social media war

Can you stay without sex before marriage in 2015?

Ciara and boo, Russell Wilson

Ciara and Russell Wilson's decision to abstain from sex before marriage is causing all sorts of arguments on social media. While others think its very possible and the right thing to do, some believe the NFL quarterback didn't say he'd NEVER had sex with Ciara. That he may have taken the decision after they got laid - one time!

On the 'HQ show' on ESPN, TV host Bomani Jones argued that he didn't believe CiCi and Russell have not had sex yet and also thought that taking that sort of decision of abstinence was 'kind of' stupid.

Few minutes after the show was released online on June 7, Bomani's Twitter timeline was attacked with 'believing Christians slamming him for calling no-sex-before-marriage a stupid idea.

ESPN sportswriter and motivational speaker, Chris Broussard slammed Bomani in a Twitter rant on June 7 claiming the TV host owed Christians an apology because according to the Bible, Fornication is a SIN.

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