The new GH¢5 is receiving a "positive response" - BoG

The Central bank of Ghana has expressed happiness about the performance of the latest legal tender released onto the market.

The notes were released on Tuesday, March 7 to mark the 60th anniversary of the country’s Central Bank.

The notes have Ghanaian patriot and educationist James Kwegyir Aggrey on the front with the FPSO at the back. It has security features including a watermark of Kwegyir Aggrey and thread

It is public knowledge that the introduction of the new legal tender has been greeted with mixed reactions.

Even though some sellers as well as transport operators continue to reject these new notes, the Bank says its efforts in campaigning for the acceptance of the notes is yielding positive results.

According to the head of communications at the Bank Bernard Otabil, the market has been very appreciative of the new notes.

“That’s exactly what we expected,” he noted on TV3 on Friday, March 17.

He explained that the notes are to be used alongside the old GH¢5 notes.

“The point is that we were not introducing new notes at all. This is just a commemorative note and it is not meant to replace the existing GH¢5 note which is already in circulation” .

While traders who spoke to Pulse Business said they have seen the notes, many others said they are yet to touch them.

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