Agriculture has been the backbone of Ghana’s Economy for several decades now. The sector has contributed immensely to the Gross National Product (GNP) of the country. As such, the role of the agriculture in national development cannot be over emphasized.

In recognition of this fact, agriculture production should be our primary focus as a country. Several policies have been implemented by various governments over the years after independence to help boost Agriculture production. The various aquaculture and other projects are few of the projects aimed achieving the same results.

According to a recent World Bank Report, Ghana needs to create about 300,000 jobs to address the unemployment situation in the country.

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The Agriculture sector has been identified as one of the viable sectors to create new jobs to help solve this problem.  Apart from the new job creation, there is the need to replace the current workforce so that their impact on the sector will not be felt when they retire.

The New National Pork Show Project is an exhibition aimed at showcasing the numerous opportunities in the livestock sector, especially Pig Farming to increase production in order to be able to feed a processing plant which will be set up after the exhibition.

Plans are far advanced with the setting up of the processing a plant with a processing capacity of a minimum of 200 Pigs per day. This calls for increase production of the Pigs to be able to meet the demand of the processing plant.

The exhibition would offer the platform for the current and prospective farmers to participate in various seminars and other training activities scheduled to enable them develop much interest in Pig Farming and increasing production.

National Pork Show Project would also create an opportunity for Pig farmers as well as Maize farmers to be easily identified and register under one umbrella to benefit from various packages including loan and other facility that will be made available by the organizers.