The Gino Max is a seasoning that comes in three unique flavours; Shrimps, Shrimp + Peppe and Shrimp + Spices.

Vicenç Bosch, the General Manager of GBFoods Africa in his address at the launch said, “While Ghanaians love their cuisine, tastes are different, Gino recognizes that each of us are unique and love our food in our own special way. As we say in Ghana, Obia Wo Ne Taste! and this is why Gino seasoning has been launched in three variants to celebrate local flavours. All three variants have been crafted using the best ingredients to create mouth-watering Ghanaian dishes”.

Gino Max stock seasoning is prepared with the quintessential Ghanaian flavour and delivers the most authentic Ghanaian taste in dishes.

The Marketing Director for GBFoods Africa, Anshul Midha gave insights into the key considerations for the development of Gino Max indicating that the trust of the Gino brand, which is maximum, played a vital role – Gino Max comes in three Maximum Choice – Shrimp, Shrimp + Peppe, and Shrimp + Herbs + Spices, Maximum size – 12g and maximum taste.

About GBFoods

GBfoods is a consortium of a strong global food player (GBFoods, the largest African-focused private equity fund (Helios) and the IFC.