The Ghana Revenue Authority, (GRA) has started the process of prosecuting 39 business owners for failing to issue VAT/NHIL invoices.

This follows an investigation conducted by the GRA and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

The investigation revealed that that only three out of the 42 businesses investigated after making a taxable supply of goods and services, issued VAT invoices to their customers.

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The Coordinator of the special task force, Henry Sam told the media at the headquarters of the GRA in Accra that the 39 culprits were found guilty of one or more of the following infractions; selective issuance of VAT invoices, issuance of own invoices without approval, suppression of sales and under declaration of VAT and other taxes

The companies to be prosecuted include Adeko hotel and New Haven hotel, which have also been closed down.

The offenders are likely to face various degrees of punishment including jail terms of up to six months.

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Offenders may also be charged to pay an amount of not more than 500 currency points or three times the amount of tax involved.

Sam also said that the GRA has been able to collect an amount of GHC128.6 million from 164 taxpayers, since the beginning of January 2017 to August 11, 2017.

He urged the general public to report any suspicion of tax infraction to the nearest GRA office for further investigation and appropriate action.