The General Secretary of the General Agriculture Workers Union (GAWU), Mr. Edward Kareweh, has called for a new policy direction in the agriculture sub-sector following a report that said the sector recorded a negative growth.

Figures released by the Ghana Statistical Service shows that the sector recorded negative 1.1 percent growth in the first quarter of 2016 compared to 0.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015.

But Kareweh said investment in the whole of the agriculture is not good and that the fishing sector is no exception.

“Investment is not good in the whole of agriculture sector and the fisheries sub-sector is no exception. The sub sector is very important and can bring a lot of foreign income if it gets the required support,” Kareweh told Citi FM.

“The negative growth we are seeing even though it’s the first quarter of this year still raises concerns. It indicates that the sub-sector lacks a lot that is needed. This is why we are calling for a new policy direction to make it viable,” he added.

Kareweh reiterated the need to pay attention to all the sub-sectors in agriculture. This, according to him, will help identify the areas that need urgent attention.

“We have always said that we have to pay attention to the sub-sectors by addressing the challenges that confront the small units. That approach will help identify the areas that need immediate attention,” he said.