Middle-aged women are more focused and deliver better than Millennials, a major PR firm in New York claims.

Wunderlich Kaplan Communications is hiring women in their 30s, 40, and 50s who want to re-enter the job market after they left to have children.

The PR firm says millennials often spend a large chunk of working hours surfing the internet, blogging, taking pictures or working on other projects.

But argues that older women are meticulous on the job, are focused and deliver better results than the younger generation.

The conclusion of the Kaplan Communications is inspired by The Intern, which is a Robert De Niro film about a 70-year-old widower who takes an internship at an online fashion company, Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.

Dora Kaplan, founded of the PR firm said, “There is so much knowledge that this segment of women hold.

“People are forgetting that just because you do not tweet does not mean you don’t know what’s up.”

Company co-founder Gwen Wunderlich said: ‘Millennials tend to be less focused; they’ll have a blog on the side, and they want to be a photographer, and they have all these things they want but don’t necessarily want to put in the legwork to get that.

"I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was hustling Jolly Ranchers on the side at my elementary school, so I get it.

"I don’t expect this to be their only thing, but there’s all this focus on millennials and, often, millennials don’t even want office jobs."