A financial revolution awaits Ghana as Zeepay moves to boost customer empowerment by launching a multiple payment instrument at DEMO Africa.

For the very first time, irrespective of what payment device the consumer possesses, customers are expected to be able transact wherever there is a point of sale or via their Smart Phone.

This means that customers with mobile wallets will be able to make payment at point of sale or receive and send cash from a Zeepay merchant without agonising over not being on that network or platform.

Zeepay Ltd will be launching with the objective of operating as an aggregator in offering Mobile Financial Services (MFS) to financially excluded persons in Ghana and the people of Ghana at large. The start-up managed to secure a slot on the DEMO Africa stage in a challenge that saw over six hundred applicants participating.

Commenting on their expected launch, Anthony K. Appiah, Executive Director and co-founder said: “We are extremely delighted about the opportunity to launch at DEMO Africa.

As an aggregator platform, I believe that we will add the much needed value to the host of payment platforms out there and MFS providers by providing an open loop platform that supports and accepts all other pool of instruments,” he said.

Araba Yawson, Sales Manager Zeepay echoed Anthony’s words explaining: “ With anextended channel, over 500 merchants and partners, consumers on Mobile Wallet could withdraw funds at point of sale, deposit funds on their wallet or bank accounts all at point of sale and the farmer at farm gate can perform offline transactions during  sale of commodities”.

Zeepay has further explained that their goal is to bring to the market innovative value added services including  electronic vending of vouchers and tokens – Utilities, Subscriptions, mobile top up vouchers for all networks, remittances atpoint of sale, transport payments, domestic transfers, direct cash withdrawal and deposit and payments at point of sale.

Once launched, Zeepay will be the first organisation in Ghana to offer direct payment into 16 major banks Zeepay also offers Domestic and International remittances at Point of Sale and on Smart Phones.

In the long term the start-ups aims to  be a one stop shop to Services such as Aid payments, Transfers, Utility Payments, and other related transactions including prepaid electricity top up.

Zeepays co-founder concluded by remarking: ”With over 5million Mobile Wallet customers in the market, we believe our service offering is coming to market at the opportune time. My excitement is that for us at Zeepay and our Bank partners for the first time our customers will have mobile wallets, and be able to pay in cash or withdraw cash outside our branch network by visiting a Zeepay merchant. That same customer has the option of using Zeepay’s NFC “Beep & Go” services irrespective of their phones being USSD or Smart phone”.

The DEMO Africa event is expected to take place in the week of 21 to 25 September 2015 at the Eka hotels and suites in Lagos Nigeria. Over 500 delegates including local and international investors, IT buyers and consumers and media are expected to witness the unveiling of 30 most promising products from across Africa.