Preacher, Dr. Mensa Otabil has backed complains by businesses about the high taxes they are operating under.

"For a nation to be great, its laws have to facilitate growth. You cannot overtax businesses and kill them and hope them to survive at the same time; it doesn’t work that way”, he said

The pastor who received a lot of backlash from the rulling National Democratic Congress for saying that government has done nothing novel in building roads and schools, apparently has not cowered on being outspoken about governance issues.

In his address to the gathering on the Springboard Road Show, Pastor Otabil charged the youth to force the politicians to create the enabling environment for their businesses to thrive

"We have to force the politicians to think of us, and to think of our lives, and to think of our future, and to think of our dreams. And the only way to do that is for you to start thinking, not in party terms, but in policy terms and making sure that the laws that govern your industry favour you because if that doesn't happen, dreamers will die with their dream unrealized”.

He then asserted that Facebook and Ipad will not have been a world- class success if they were operating in Ghana because of the inhibiting business environment that exists in the Country."I asked this question sometime ago on this same platform: If Mark Zuckerberg was a Ghanaian and had the idea of Facebook, would his idea have thrived? If Steve Jobs had the great idea of Apple and was a thriving computer engineer in Kokomlemle, would he have built that world class brand? I don't know. But it seems to me all of us are [in agreement] it would have been extraordinary for them to have succeeded. So, what's the difference between Mark Zuckerberg and you [audience], Steve Jobs and you? It's not brains, it's the Sulphur, it's the environment," he answered.