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Creating documentations such as those for Securities and Exchange Commission needed for a company to go public. They also help to determine how much a company is worth.

When you invest your money, your money generates more money through interest earned on assets bought, sold or what you put away (save). You may invest in bonds, stocks, real estates, precious metal, mutual funds among others.

So basically an investment bank serves as a middle man for transactions between companies and investors. And therefore one would call them corporate financial advisors.

For example an investment bank may buy some, most or all of a company’s shares as it holds its Initial Public Offering (IPO). Then sells the shares on the market to make a profit by pricing it higher than the markup price it initially paid. Experienced investment bankers or analyst price stock as best as they can using experience because if they overvalue the stocks, the investment bank will lose money.

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These top 5 investment banks in Ghana and why you need to invest with them.


Bank is the central bank of Ghana. A central bank is a financial institution that manages a country’s money supply, interest rates and currency. Bank of Ghana acts a foundation to the industry by coming to the aids of banks in financial crisis. It’s also serves as a good investment bank as it has a large pool of skilled human resource and assets. Which is great with investment products like Treasury Bills.


A British multinational banking and financial services which operates in more than 70 countries worldwide. Standard Chartered is one of the best investment banks in Ghana with great investment packages such as Mutual Fund (this is professionally managed investment scheme. It aims to purchase securities by gathering money from investors), Wealth Builder and Fixed Income Securities (ideal for those seeking returns in the form fixed periodic payments.

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Is a Pan-African bank chain which operates in thirty-two countries across the African continent In 2011, Ecobank Ghana was successfully merged with The Trust Bank after receiving approval from Bank of Ghana. This successful merger involved approximately US$ 119 million (GH¢ 220 million) and the bank is now known as Ecobank Ghana Limited. Known as one of the top investment banks with Fixed Income Fund, Money Market Fund and Ecobank TBILL4ALL investment packages.


Barclays Bank Ghana made a name for itself as a great investment bank in the finance industry. With compelling products such as Home Protection Policy, Optimise Liquidity, Barclays Junior Savings, Ignition Accounts, Alliance Partners and many more, tailored to suit the needs of their clients. Visit any of their branches spread all over the country for these great investment products.

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Fidelity Bank is an all Ghanaian bank which has a great investment packages. These are available on its platform under Investor Relations. Which provides information on the banks Financial Performance, Key Shareholders, Investor News, Dividend Policy, Investor Relations Contracts and questions on Investor Relations. This transparency in maintain good relationships has place it as one of the top five investments banks in Ghana.