Disruption in air traffic at KIA averted

The Aviation Authority is therefore asking the Ghana Air Traffic Controllers Association, the Ghana AirTraffic Safety Electronics Association and all other stakeholders involved to call off their proposed interruption in air traffic services to the Kotoka International Airport which would have taken effect from Friday, 19th February, 2016.

The Traffic Safety Electronics Association threatened to interrupt air traffic services to the Kotoka International Airport if the impasse is not resolved by Friday.

The impasse stems from a misunderstanding between the two parties over ownership of assets at the Kotoka International Airport

In other news,

Resist Mahama's pro-spy legislation- Efia MP charges Ghanaians

Minority Member of Parliament for the Afia Constituency, Joseph Cudjoe has issued a statement urging Ghanaians to  kick against the proposed  Interception of Postal Packets and Telecommunication Messages Bill.

The bill that is currently in its consideration stage in parliament, will essentially grant government access to record telephone calls and messages of individuals.

Joseph Cudjoe said it is an a agenda being pushed  by the U.S government in order to have access to secret conversation of the Gitmo detainees residing in Ghana. He however asserts that quote "the Mahama administration has no right to abuse the rights of Ghanaians all for America's interests". Unquote.

We go to the currency market now where

Currency                      Buying                         Selling

Dollar                            3.88                            4.08

Pound Sterling             5.60                             5.90

Euro                             4.31                           4.62

To updates from the stock exchange today

UT Bank were the  biggest gainers of the day, gaining 1p to close at 12p, Whereas Ecobank Ghana recorded the biggest loss dropping 1pto close at 7.06p