Shypmate Ghana review: How effective is shopping from the U.S.?

Several myths surrounds online shopping especially how to get it delivered safely. Thankfully, shypmate has made ordering and delivering goods from aboard very effective. Struggling with your orders online? Haven't heard of shypmate? Read on to discover freedom in online shopping.


Shypmate (Envyl)


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How effective is shopping with Shypmate delivery services from the United States? Shopping aboard has been a long time activity of Ghanaians but the hurdle of how to get it into the country was pretty much unsolved until the introduction of Shypmmate.

Shypmate a technology startup was founded by four young gentlemen from Ghana and Nigeria (services are only available in these countries for now). They have since won the popular vote since its inception in 2014. They provided another delivery alternative for online shoppers particularly in the U.S.

“It got missing in the mail”, “my language is full”, “I won’t be coming anytime soon”, “I didn’t receive your package” are just a few of the excuses you would receive from friends and family because asking them to deliver your package is more a favor. Let’s not forget the part your packaged gets either broken or damaged due to mishandling.

Those who opt for the professional services are not free from their fair share of woes. Apart from the high rates which you are charged for their services. You would have to deal with these corrupt officers at the various clearing points. Also looking to get their share of the goodies. A very uncomfortable and tedious process.

So how does Shypmate operate that their rates are so affordable and effective? Shypmate now called Envyl is an innovative blend of the “family and friends system” and “professional delivery systems”. Incredible right? Wondering why you didn’t think of this’t worry, am sure a brilliant idea will come to you soon.

Shypmate makes use of travelers coming down to Africa to help deliver packages. Contrary to certain fears about the authenticity and legality of items being delivered. There are measures in place to prevent such occurrences. First of all, they don’t receive items directly from individuals. They receive items directly from stores and retail centers in the U.S. This is a plus for them because it helps out with store which do not ship to Ghana like H&H.

About a year ago, I had to be on the bridal train for a friend. This included financing my own dress and accessories (as is the norm now).Thankfully only the colors were prescribed.  It took a lot of browsing to finally find the perfect pair of heels to match my rose-gold embroidered dress. So I decided to try Shypmate since DHL was charging about $150 for $25 shoes. Which I found ridiculously expensive, so Shypmate it was going to be then.

The process is quiet easy. And it takes only three steps to register and place your order.  I first logged on to the shop’s online store. Then after finding my pumps, l copied the link to that specific item. Then I went to Shymates website and paste the linked I copied from the online store on their order form. Envyl will purchase your item and match it to traveler. Your charge is shown and you can pay through Visa, Express pay or even mobile money. Very convenient.

Travelers also get to make extra cash which can help offset their ticket cost. It’s actually a very lucrative side job with a payment of 70% on each delivery. If you are thinking of making some cash on the side, you may consider joining Shypmate travelers. Register and go through their standard background check. Provide information concerning your flight and wait to be matched up with a package.

Shypmate provides fast, effective, safe and convenient way to have your goods delivered to you.


In my candid opinion, Shypmate has been a tremendously blessing to online shoppers in Ghana and Nigeria. I admit there are little glitches here and there with the system especially their customer service. But I believe they are actively working on those areas. So has shopping from U.S. been effective with Shypmate? I would say a yes to that and give a rating of 7/10. More grease to their elbows


Kwadwo Nyarko, Chisom Ebinama, Perry Ogwuche and Tochukwu Okoro


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