The revamp Komenda Sugar factor has been shut down for maintenance, the Central Regional Minister, Ricketts Hagan, has confirmed.

He explained on Accra based Joy FM that the inauguration of the factory coincided with the time it was supposed to undergo maintenance.

“The plant will be in the production phase from October – November to May-June then the maintenance cycle will be between May-June until October again when the production starts,” he said.

“The plant has a maintenance cycle where a lot of things like cleaning up will be done. Maintenance is one of the things we have not been good at in this country and it is not surprising that we have run down all the factories that were built during Nkrumah days,” he added.

He offered the explanation in response to a news conference by the minority in parliament who had questioned the viability of the factory.

“When it comes on stream again and we would have to produce, whatever is produced is the overhead coast,” he said.

He continued: “The water in the Pra River has become so polluted at the instance of galamsey operators. Ghana water cannot even treat the water and purge it of mercury. You are going to use this source of water for production in the factory.”

“Did we go or did we come,” he joked.

He alleged that when the president went to inaugurate the factory, four KIA truckloads of sugarcane were brought to the factory site to demonstrate the factory can process it.

“Thereafter, that is it. Now the factory is being asked to proceed immediately on leave.”

“It doesn’t make sense to do this, he said. “Who are we deceiving?”