5 important features in a smart-phone

From keeping track of our workouts to tracking directions, it is clear that technology is the future.


Smart phones makes our lives easier, isn't it awesome that we can plan and track our daily routines with our phones.

Year in, Year out Tech giants keep thrilling us with amazing new features, allowing us to think beyond the Nokia3310 which was the most amazing phone you could own in the early 2000s.

Here are 5 things you should look for in a smart phone

1. RAM: No one really wants a phone with high storage space, that needs to be de-congested almost every hour.

Manufacturer's stuff more and more memory and processing cores into their phones, but that's not the power of a phone requires.

2. Camera: Choosing a smart phone with amazing camera is important as more people are ditching their point and shoot  camera for smart phones with good cameras.

The most cherished and embarrassing moments can be documented on the go, it all depends on the type of camera.

3. Battery life: smart phone with bad battery life is like having a nice car without fuel.

When buying a smart phone, make sure it has at least a 2000 mAh battery and 15 hours of talk time. but if you are on budget, you can get power banks. that way you never shut out.

4. Screen size: in the days of flip and slide phones, big screens were not necessary as most people used their phones for texting and talking only.

But now, it won't be easy managing email's/appointments, tracking directions or your workouts, watch movies with a screen size less than 4.0inches.

5. Screen resolution: Manufacturers emphasize on the screen resolution because that's the first thing you notice when in search of standards.

Buy devices with at least a 720p display and a pixel density of 300 ppi.


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