Upgrades on the good old family television have moved from 3D to 4K to curved panels over the years. But one thing that all of those evolutions have shared are a ridiculous price tag for a whole new device. An Indiegogo campaign that was launched yesterday hopes to bring some crazy new functionality to your existing TV through a $99 device that adds touch controls and other smart features to your TV.

The device, known as a Touchjet WAVE, allows you to control your television with your finger, a stylus or your smartphone, while also giving you the ability to download a host of apps directly to your TV.

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The device works just like those novelty laser keyboards. It simply puts a laser overlay on your TV that matches your touch input to the onscreen experience.

One of the first questions you might have about the WAVE is “why?” Well, it’s clear that Touchjet isn’t aiming for everyone with its touch capability but the company definitely also sees touch input as its feature.

The main thing is that the pre-order price $99 isn’t just for touch capability alone, you also get an Android PC that upgrades your TV to allow a host of apps that you can control from your smartphone.