George Quaye fires back again

His remarks come on the back of bribery allegations levelled against Charterhouse by hiplife artiste, Screw Face.

George Quaye poses for the camera

According to the musician, he did not win the 2007 Ghana Music Awards Discovery of the Year category because refused pay bribe as demanded by a staff of Charterhouse. George Quayewho reacted to the allegation in a release referred to Screw face as a “former” musician – a description some industry players have criticised.

But speaking to Abrantepa on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show, Brunch2Lunch on Monday, George Quaye said he will not sit unconcerned for anyone to destroy a well-built reputation of his company.


“We are so passionate about this brand that we have built for so long. And over the years, it appears that some people’s resolve is to do whatever they can to denigrate it should it not come their way. It’s unfortunate and heart-breaking. If anybody thinks he is that tough to do whatever to denigrate this brand, you will have me to deal with,” he said.

“I’m not the strongest person in the world but I believe in discipline and honesty. The truth stands. You see I used just one word and everyone says I shouldn’t have used that word; but the denigration on my brand is okay. Someone labelled my company and staff as thieves, corrupt and lairs without any iota of truth. Is anybody feeling that pinch for us?” he queried.

Explaining why he chose to label Screw Face as a “former” musician, George Quaye said it was for a specific purpose.

“There is a literary device called hyperbole which is an exaggeration you don’t take literary. But if they have taken it literary, it’s quite unfortunate. Why is it that a lot of things were written plainly but only that word was put in inverted commas? It was put there specifically to show how long it has been the person has been in the industry and to show the spate of time he wanted before coming out now with this allegation,” he noted.

George also expressed disappointment at the lack of understanding and reaction of the public to his statement.


“So if we would have to write something and later come back to explain, then maybe we are not reading enough. But I understand where people are coming from. So maybe next time when we are writing, we should write at everybody’s level. But if anybody was offended by it, I’m sorry; I take it back,” he said.


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