Amankrado drags JHS 3 student to elders, demands a fine for farting near his house

A bizarre development occurred at Onomabo in the Eastern Region where an Amankrado of the community brought a JHS 3 student before the elders, demanding a fine be imposed on him for farting near his residence.

File photo: Farting

According to a report by UTV’s Seth Mantey, the incident unfolded when the student, passing by the Amankrado’s house, inadvertently released a fart. However, the traditional leader perceived it as a personal attack, alleging that the teenager deliberately released the gas near his home.

The Amankrado escalated the matter by initiating a confrontation with a family elder who refuted the claims, deeming them nonsensical.

Despite the student's mother's attempt to apologize and seek forgiveness on behalf of her child, the Amankrado remained discontented, indicating a potential underlying motive behind the dramatic confrontation.

Seth Mantey suggests a remote undertone to the incident, speculating that the Amankrado may have seized the opportunity to express long-suppressed resentment, utilizing the student's action as a pretext.


While flatulence, commonly known as farting, is a natural bodily function resulting from various factors such as swallowed air, digestion, and dietary habits, the Amankrado's reaction has drawn attention to the cultural significance and interpretations surrounding such bodily functions. He has reportedly become the talk of the town as residents deem his action absurd.

The incident sheds light on broader societal dynamics and highlights the need for understanding and tolerance within communities. It also prompts reflection on cultural perceptions and norms surrounding bodily functions and interactions within local communities.

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