Church members crawl through pastor's open legs to symbolically enter 2024 [video]

At the close of each year, churches worldwide engage in diverse activities to mark the transition from the old year to the new one, with some events taking on peculiar forms.

Church members crawl through pastor's open legs to symbolically enter 2024

From fasting and marathon prayers to speaking in tongues and the symbolic act of 'sowing seeds' for divine blessings, Christians flock to various congregations to partake in these rituals. Even those who may not attend church regularly often make it a point to participate in end-of-year services to express gratitude for good health and life, and to seek divine favor for the upcoming year.

In the spirit of such traditions, a pastor recently made headlines by introducing a rather unconventional ritual during the ceremonial crossover from 2023 to 2024. As part of the church's activities, the pastor opened his legs, forming a V-shape through which his congregants were expected to crawl, symbolizing a successful transition into the new year.

A video circulating online captures the unusual scene, showcasing the pastor's parishioners lining up on all fours, one after another, as they crawled through the pastor's open legs.


The identity of the church, the pastor involved, and the location of this unique crossover service remain shrouded in mystery at this time.

In Ghana, end-of-year church services often feature prophecies from some prophets, with some predictions foretelling doom. However, the Ghana Police Service has taken a stand against prophecy communications that generate fear and panic. December 27 of each year has been designated as "Prophecy Communication Compliance Day" by the law enforcement agency, a move aimed at fostering a sense of order and sanity during this period.


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