Ghanaian who spends GHC700 on lottery weekly reveals how much he’s won since 1983 (video)

For the past forty years, a 61-year-old Ghanian man, Kofi Yeboah has been forecasting lottery and has become knowledgeable in the game.

I spend GHC700 on lottery - Ghanaian reveals how much he’s won since 1983

He has been in the game of luck since 1983 and doesn’t appear to have regretted or plan to quit anytime soon. He revealed in a recent interview with vlogger, Kofi Adoma on his Kofi TV that aside from luck, one needs to do a lot of planning to be successful in the lottery game.

“Lotto is a game of luck and plan,” Yeboah said in the interview, which gives a hint of why he has been in the game for four decades and counting.

He wakes up every day to erect a signboard on the Accra-Abeka Junction Road where he plies his trade. On the signboard, Yeboah showcases carefully selected numbers derived from his plan that he believes will be winning combinations.

Over the 4-year decade, the elderly man has gained a lot of followers who pay him for his consultation services due to his vast knowledge of the industry.


Asked how much he spends staking the lottery, Yeboah mentioned a jaw-dropping average of GH¢700 per week on lottery tickets. He further revealed that there is a particular set of numbers that he stakes about GHC1000 on every week consistently in the hope of winning big.

With such a huge money on lottery weekly for four decades, one would have thought that he would have gained some enviable success from the game, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Yeboah revealed that his highest winning from the prediction game amounts to only GH¢60,000 since he ventured into it in 1983.

According to him, lottery is not a reliable income channel to solely depend on for survival.

“If you are into the lottery, you need to make sure you have another job on the side,” he cautioned.


Although Yeboah admits that the lottery can be addictive, he maintained that he is not addicted although he has done it for four decades and still counting.


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