‘I dare him’ – Curvy journalist says as ‘desperate’ man offers to give 58 cows to have her

A female radio and TV presenter has dared a ‘desperate’ man who publicly offered to gift 58 cows in a bid to have her, to meet her up and prove his manhood, describing his tempting 58-cow promise as old-fashioned.

Doreen Nasasira and Bryan Tanui

Bryan Tanui, the love-thirsty man from Kapsabet town of Kenya’s Nandi County took to Facebook to make the super ambitious declaration, claiming to have been admiring one of the country’s radio presenters, Doreen Nasasira from afar for a long time, and he could not hold back the feeling any longer.

Reacting to his offer, Nasasira dared the “desperate” admirer to meet her one-on-one and present his manifesto.

“I would like to challenge that gentleman. Let him be a man enough. Let him come to Kampala and face me instead of making the old-fashioned 58-cow promise. Desperate men make such promises. I dare him to come to Kampala,” quotes her as saying.


According to Nasasira, she has had men expressing interest in her but Tanui appears to be the most desperate of all.

“Well, I usually check my inbox because l post people's dilemmas on my timeline, especially those who want to be advised. And this time, someone sent me a screenshot of that message or appeal. l rushed to check it out, and l was dumbfounded. I was speechless. l had to share it on my page with my followers. l was in total shock, that's what l could say. That's some boldness, my goodness.

“Honestly, I get so many guys hitting on me, sending me texts, and calling; some even drive over with gifts and money. But no one has ever been this extreme going on socials and publicly showing their interest, asking for a date and, above all, Kenyan,” she wrote.

It is unclear if Tanui is serious about his offer because he reportedly made a similar one to President William Ruto's daughter Charlene.


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